Cinnamon Chips Cookies

I bought the cinnamon chips on impulse a while back at Hershey's World in Citylink and it was due to expiry soon! So, hey I gotta make use of it else I would waste my 8 bucks. I used my chocolate chips cookie recipe and used cinnamon chips instead of chocolate chips. Added a dash of cinnamon powder and tadaa! Cinnamon chips cookies. :)

They taste pretty good, just that I find the chips too sweet. And the best cookies are actually a little burnt. Chaota. Bagus! Then I packed them up and gave to my department which I will bid farewell to today as I rotate to another department. Pretty sad, I hope I'll be fine and happy there. Will miss my seat terribly, good fengshui and people.

Heyhey! How's this bros?

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