Banana Chocolate Cake

Finally, I sold a cake! It's been so long since I did any cake sales, but I only have my terrible schedule to blame. In any case, this was such an accidental cake sale. Prior to making the coffee mousse cake (see previous), my actual intention was a banana chocolate cake. But only when it was done did I realise that my couverture chocolate was "super dark" instead of the usual "dark". So it tasted really bitter to me! Plus, the birthday boy was allergic to chocolate

So hey, I needed plan B right. And plan A was pretty upsetting. Luckily my mum brought it to office and they loved it! So someone ordered my cake after the initial sample woohoo.

Wish I could see the cross section but it's okay... I can imagine it. You guys can't though. :(


Anonymous said...

wlau. u say anyhow deco with white really anyhow. hahaha...


Anonymous said...

you cakes are getting better and better!