Phin's Steakhouse/Ah Chew Desserts/Botak Jones

The day begun with Phin's steakhouse, located next to Bugis Junction along the street of steamboats.

Olivia and I had a set lunch each, which includes garlic bread, drinks, salad and seafood soup. The seafood soup was pretty good, with generous servings of ingredients in it. I liked the serving size, which I thought was pretty proportional and appropriate.

My main course: Sirloin steak with mozarella cheese and mushroom. I thought cheese was a rather weird choice to go with steak, but then again, there are no boundaries in the world of food.
I had my steak as medium well and it tasted pretty good, even though I don't think it tops Jack's place's steaks. This meal costed $11.90++, which was quite cheap and worth it.

Olivia's main course: Dory and Chicken. You smell it before you taste it and the chicken was really good. Tender and fragrant and not too oily. $9.90++

I have to add that the ambience there was good, because it was rather empty when we stepped in. Alright, we were the only ones but then again, it was early. The waiters there were very polite and I was impressed when they served us water at the end of our meal. The food came quite fast too, which was apt for the bottomless pits we have for stomachs.
And if not for Olivia, I would've walked out without paying once more.

Next stop: Ah Chew's Desserts, located near Phin's steakhouse, alongside many other dessert shops. We decided on this because it was the most crowded. (Singaporean mentality is our trademark.)

And there were TWO of them.

Aloe Vera with Honey, Lime and Strawberry. $3.80. Quite expensive but with a generous helping of honey. Refreshing and delicious. Exactly the thing to pamper yourself on a hot day.

Black sesame paste for $2. It was such a large serving that we couldn't finish it in the end. Could've been sweeter but I have to give credit for it's smoothness. There was practically no lumps in it and it slides down your throat like water.

Prices are reasonable and I love the fact that they put the menu underneath the table glass. How smart.

And finally, Botak Jones! My first meal with my first RJC friends. This particular one was located across Cineleisure, at the Youth park area.
Black pepper chicken

Cajun Chicken with cheese

Fish and Chips

I think Botak Jones is among one of my favourite hangout places. The service was excellent, with the staff coming up to us to ask how the food was halfway through the meal. That really impressed me a lot. The fries are so good, probably the best one I've ever had. Their motto really rings true: DAMN GOOD FOOD FOR A DAMN GOOD PRICE!

I enjoyed this meal particularly because on top of the good food, I had awesome company. Thank you Cheryl, Daniel and Siyuan, we really should've taken a group shot!

Thank you Olivia, my fellow bottomless pit!
The magic ingredient to the perfect meal is the laughter shared throughout.

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