Pound Cake

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I knew what I wanted to do the moment I woke up. It had after all been something I've been planning to do for the past year. After I stuffed down my breakfast, I immediately set to task and prepared myself for the difficult hours ahead.

Alright, no. I woke up and lazed around until I felt meaningless and so decided to peep into my baking supplies before deciding to make a pound cake for breakfast tomorrow. And it took me only an hour to do this, excluding baking time.

I am proud to say that it was successful and absolutely delicious! Warm, moist and it only cracked a bit at the top. I did half a recipe because my tin was lousy and small (Got it from Daiso a long time back on impulse), and my mum scolded me because she said it wasn't enough.

But then again, good food will never be enough!

Caution: Fionainthekitchen will not be responsible for any damage to keyboards resulting from excessive drooling.

Plain Pound Cake Recipe on Foodista

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