Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day with beloved MR01. Hot date with Hot guys and Hot girls. Get jealous!

While waiting for Darius, who was busy preaching his sermon and hence was late...

After waiting for Jin Chek/Amos to come back from the toilet...

So you see, MR01 waits a lot. And we waste that time away camwhoring.

The house captain like you've never seen him before.

Their first Valentine's Day present to a girl and they give it to Cheryl and me. Feeling touched don't even come close!

Thank you Daniel and Siyuan, you guys are the best!

I know it sounds impossible, but yes, we are THAT cute.

Ah, what a heartwarming valentine's day. Thank you Clan for all the flowers, notes and sweets. Thank you 10SO3I for all the notes and gifts even though we barely know each other. Thank you MR01 for just being so amazing and fun. Thank you to everyone who made me smile this year. And here ends the mushyness--

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