This is my challenge of the year: Croquembouche for my brother's 24th birthday!

See, I have a brother who dislikes cakes, so every year, my task is to bake a birthday cake for him, that is not a cake. So, maybe a french wedding cake can suffice this year?

I made the choux puffs.

Then I did the chocolate custard. (First time I made my own custard successfully!)

Then I made caramel, for the first time! It was an eye-opening experience watching sugar behave like that! But I got burnt a few times with the super hot caramel and now my blister is huge!

And slowly, I built my own Tower of Puffs!

Finally, I wrapped it in caramel threads. So fun to do!

It tastes so good. The custard is simply delicious!

The hours of hard work are just worth it. Happy Birthday Gor! I hope every year, I get to bake unconventional cakes for you. And you shall have birthday cakes that is unique and special to you only :)

With love,

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