Mille Crepes

A famous french dessert that sells for an average of $6 here! "Mille" simply means thousand layers, so this is probably the french version of our well-known kueh lapis cake. Probably a healthier version too.

I decided to make it myself to figure out just why it cost so much. Was it the ingredients? Then again, there was nothing special about the ingredient list. After doing this, I figured out why. I am declaring this one of the more difficult cakes I've done.

The butter must be cooked to a hazelnut brown, which is the state it stays in for about 5 seconds before it burns. The pastry cream must be cooled to 140 degrees. The cream must be whipped to a consistency that is right in between peaking and liquid. This is a recipe for precision. In other words, a recipe for disaster.

But yes I DID IT! Here, I shall allow myself a victory dance in celebration of the new year which opens with a new cake that tastes pretty delicious except that the crepe feels a little hard.

The pastry cream which is prepared 1 day in advance. Same goes for the batter.

Cooking the crepes.

The assembly. I added rum and chocolate to the cream so that it tastes more interesting.

Sliced cake.

Looks like kueh lapis no?

With this coming new year, I'm going to make the resolution I make every year. All I really hope for is to stay simple and happy. 2010 gave me too much drama, right up to the last moments. I made mistakes, I lost friends, I gave up. But I managed to get through the hardest year so far. 2011 holds much promises and excitement. Like the cake, I can't wait to peel back the layers. I've gotten better at baking, and I know I'm only going to get better.
So now, I'm ready for you 2011 and I must say, GOODBYE 2010! You've taught me a great deal and I've changed somewhere somehow. But now I'm glad you are gone and I honestly do not mind forgetting you. So farewell and let's welcome the new year with open arms!

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