Baking Class 1 - Danish Pastries

I signed up for a series of baking classes this Jan, and yesterday was the first one. Wow, it was tiring! And really really satisfying. First time I made bread and I had to jump straight into Danish pastries, which is basically combining both puff pastry and bread. Thus, it was no simple feat rolling the dough and everything, but in 5 hours, I finally made my own pastry!

Even though at the start I was a little shaky as I didn't know how to work the machine or where the things were located since it was my first time there, I was very lucky to have sat next to a very helpful lady. (Whom I later found out was a maid and I thought she was a very lucky maid!) But wow, 5 hours of such intensity really took a lot of my energy, I hope that when work starts and everything I'll still be able to hang in there. The instructor was an awesome person too, so for all those interested, do check out Creative Culinaire.
It is difficult to learn to make pastry/bread on your own as there are specific techniques and skills that one must master under guidance. So today I am very happy to have this new knowledge and very excited to make pastry again.
The best part is, my box of pastry is now empty!

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