Pineapple Tarts Sale 2011

Pineapple Tarts Sale 2011 is HERE!

Since this is a proud product of fionainthekitchen, be rest assured that the ingredients used are of the freshest quality and there are no preservatives or chemicals involved in the process. Also, every tart is made with tender loving care!

Each container of tarts contains 30 tarts and are sold at $15. Orders will close on 24 Jan and all deliveries will be made by 1st Feb.

You can choose from closed tarts:

Open tarts:

Or for those who can't decide, Mixed:

Made with 100% homemade pineapple paste with no preservatives or chemical added.

Drop me a message or an email if you are interested! Do order early as orders may be closed if response is overwhelming.
Have a great Chinese New Year and make it even greater with fionainthekitchen's pineapple tarts!

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