Valentine's Day

This cake had to be created. It came to me a few week ago and it has never left my mind since. Therefore, even though it was the pineapple bakesale, I continued on for another hour or two more to produce this!

If love was to be represented by a fruit, it has to be the strawberry. For the strawberry looks not only like a heart (heart shape or a real human heart), it can be sour and sweet and you'll never know. Strawberries grow in harsh cold climates, and its fragility requires delicate handpicking when ripe. And love, when treated with the right amount of tender care will remain sweet and beautiful.

This is a simple strawberry chocolate sponge cake, with almonds at the side and custard in place of the unhealthy whipping cream. To me, this is my idea of a perfect valentine's day cake, inspired by chocolate and hearts. There is no layering within, just a cake, and the size of this cake, is perfect for 2. When you are with that special someone, eating a homemade cake, I believe that even the simplest of cakes will taste like the best cake you've ever eaten.

Having you in my mind made it easier to make this cake, but once it was done, I wish I never started. Valentine's Day is always tough, and somehow I just made it tougher for myself. Let the cake rot in the fridge. For with all the barriers, I might just never love again.

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