End of Pineappple Tarts Sale 2010

Finally, this post marks the end of the pineapple tarts sale 2010. It has been an eventful journey, for I initially thought that I would have my first shop so that fionainthekitchen might jump a milestone and go public. Nonetheless, fate decreed otherwise and the sale was kept domestic.

It actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise for I doubt I could've been able to cope if the tarts went public. There are moments in life when we doubt our sanity and ever since I started accepting orders, I have been convinced that I am almost on the brink of insanity.

Because one who is not sane, does not know one's limits. And while everyone was safely tucked and snuggled into bed, ready to welcome the new day, I filled the kitchen with smells of freshly baked tarts for 15 hours.

This is just evidence of insanity, with approximately 500 tarts made in total.

All in all, I must thank everyone who supported me in one way or another. For those whom orders I had to reject, I am so very sorry! There's always next year which will be better...

Lastly, for the record, a huge thank you to:
Chingsien, Siying, Deborah, Shujian, Olivia, Dixin, Limei, Cheryl, Gabriel, Kelly, Thomas, Teresa, Valerie and Lennie.

Somehow baking at night feel surreal, you lose track of time, confusing yesterdays with tomorrows. Somehow, it is the best form of escapism. Somehow, it makes me feel better.

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