Chinese New Year - Beehive cookies, Chiku chips

Even though it has only been the first day of Chinese New Year, I have to put this down. I am indeed growing fat and in dire need of exercise thanks to all my "research" of chinese new year goodies. Especially pineapple tarts.

Today I was introduced to a recipe for this beehive cookies:

plain flour 400g
rice flour 100g
corn flour 50g
sugar 300g
eggs 10
coconut milk

And I shall make it someday! Yes, I will. But the steps to it weren't passed down to me.

Next, has anyone tried chiku chips before? Personally, I think it tastes awesome, much better
than potato chips. And it's actually in the market and sold at a rather expensive price! Interesting isn't it, I shall try to make it someday too.

Anyway I have since found that rather than sitting down keeping silent when visiting, it is much much more interesting to ask the host about all her homemade goodies. In fact, exchanging all these culinary opinions and experiences really makes me feel very at home. I've made some new friends, proving therefore that food transcends the generation gap!


Justine said...

OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE BEEHIVE COOKIES!!!! they're my fav cny goodie!! jealous hahahah

yukie_2000_sg said...

Can you give the steps how to make the bee hives? You can show the ingredient but not the steps. I love Bee Hive so much and would wan to learn.

Hope you can show us the steps by steps how to do the Bee Hive.

Thanks! =D