Paulaner Munchen

Paulaner Munchen at City Hall, next to Suntec City. Great atmosphere and ideal business meeting place. Wonder what an underage alcoholic like me was doing there...

Appetiser which was really good. I think it's just my fetish for bread though. Loved their spread, good butter and even better meat spread.

Their in house lager was so good. If only it was free flow and not $15 for half a litre. Cheers!

Our main course for the night. I actually skipped lunch for this. And despite that, the food stil went unfinished. Introducing german food (I think?), pork knuckle, speciality sausages and veal tips. No idea what it is though, some kind of meat?

Have to say the food was good though, quite unique and unlike anything I've tasted before. The whitish side dish is onion actually, and it's so soft and sourish it hard to believe it's an onion. THe pork knuckle was so huge, all 3 of us couldnt finish it. Imagine the size of the pig.

This is us.

And my cousin turns a year older with this half-price bakerzin chocolate cake. (which was super delicious by the way, go get it before the promotion ends!) Cheapos all the way!

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