Chocolate Marshmallow Cake 2

And finally, she's back! Oh how I missed the kitchen. Anyway, after baking for close to two and a half year, fiona has finally sold her first cake!

It's unbelievably cute ain't it? This was ordered by a very sweet boyfriend for his girl's birthday. And I bet the girl will be absolutely over the moon when she sees this. But nobody can be happier than me, it's an unfathomable joy!

So anyway, this was a collaboration between my brother and I. I baked the cake and he did the design. Simply because he's the artist, and I'm the baker.

If you want to order a specially personalised cake for a special someone, just drop me a message and I'll promise to do my best. It's cheap too. And good. And the artist will design for you if you are too lazy to do it yourself.

PS. I find myself always making cakes for boyfriends. It could be a potential business. Hm.

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