If you are feeling down and out
And your mind is full of doubts
Why not try to clear those dark clouds
With a little of Fiona's happycakes as a very special drug!

I've finally came up with a way of making the print on the cupcakes, so now i can come up with all sorts of design! The previous one I did, I just piped melted chocolate on top, which is a bad idea as they smudge like nobody's business. By the way, the happycakes (as I call them so affectionately) have melted chocolate inside!

So... these happycakes are going at 4 for $1. It's cheap and it's good and it's so adorable! Just tell me what faces you want, I'll try to do my best. And you can also write stuff on them or whatever you can think of. FOR SALE, just drop me a message (a week in advance) dear friends. =)

PS. They make the BEST presents. Trust me, I know.

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