One hungry day

Breeks has student meal at $5.90++! Add another buck for soup of the day and a scoop of ice-cream.

Grilled chicken and Salmon pasta

Royce' chocolates are DA BOMB. You got to try them if you haven't. Anything and everything is awesome. I'm in love with coffee chocolate. If I had too much money, I would buy a ton of coffee chocolates and survive lectures. To hell with pimples.
Orange truffles was our sinful indulgence.
Chocolates = Happy girls
Ben & Jerry after dinner with Cheryl, Daniel and Siyuan. S'mores is quite a nice flavour, but rather boring. Courtesy to a nice voucher surprise. =)

And finally, Marvelous Cream! Located opposite 7-11 inside Citylink Mall.
Too many ice-cream choices...

Too many topping choices...

Too many moans of delight... Happiness in $6. Must-try.
The ice-cream was so rich and the toppings so generous, it makes your heart sing. Be surprised at the first mouth.

I just wish they wouldn't mix it till it melts. =/

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