Marriot Cafe Buffet

Welcome to Marriot Hotel!
Marriot Cafe's international dinner buffet is at $57++ per person, with exclusive deals for DBS/POSB cardholders and well as American Express cardholders.
Dinner starts at 6.30pm and will end at 10pm.

Come with an empty stomach, because even that is not enough! In anticipation of this, I took 7 hours to empty my stomach and by the time I reached, I was READY for the most expensive buffet of my life...so far.

The Marriot Cafe! (After I've eaten of course.. Do you think I would've had the patience to take pictures before food?)

Anyone thirsty enough to pay $15.50 for a 750ml bottle of water? But no worries, drinks for buffet are fruit juices and they provide a long glass of water for everyone.

Soyabean pudding and Mango pudding. Both were very delicious. However, I was too full by then to taste them properly.

And these are what made me lost sleep in anticipation. I had 10, the folks had 10 between them and my brother stomached 12. I think that covered half the cost of the buffet.

The crayfish was one of the highlights. That carnivore brother of mine ate 5 whole crayfish. 10 halves.

Drunken prawns. Not bad, but they could be a little more drunk. The alcohol taste was too mild.

30 seconds ago, they were still alive. The freshest prawns can get!

Our personal favourite. Very good lotus root soup with peanuts and pork ribs. It was thick, aromatic and refreshing. Delicious.

I made the dumbest mistake of eating bread. But they were really good. I wish I could've pocketed some back.

One of the many plates. The smoked salmon was extraordinary. I loved it. And I had so much raw salmon, I think my mercury levels just went up another notch.

Just feast your eyes.


This is roast beef by the way, and it's awesome. Especially their red wine sauce and mushroom sauce.

Chilli crab.

Quotable quotes of the night:

"Eh got ice-cream! Where? Where?"
"You try this, very nice to eat. Try. Try!"
"Everything you cannot finish push to me to eat! No wonder I'm so fat."
"My button going to burst already. Your sister la! Ask me to wear this."

"I'm resting. It's a tactic. You cannot eat too fast, very fast full."
"You must marinate the oyster in lemon and taco sauce. Let it soak for 5 minutes then eat. Damn shiok."
"Are you going to get more oysters?"
"My stomach is so big! Look, it has never been this big before. It's an out of the world experience for me!"
"I don't feel like eating food for 5 years." (Ya right.)

"I cannot slouch already. Cannot even lean back on the chair. Must sit straight, if not all the food will come out."
Father sucking on drunken prawns: I tell the person cooking the prawns: So cruel ah, the prawns still alive then you kill them.
Me: The person eating the prawns even more cruel.
Me: Oysters make you horny, don't eat so much.
Brother: Down here don't have pretty girls to make me horny leh... Actually have, the 2 at the corner table not bad.
Me: - Raise eyebrows -

Ah... For the love of oysters.

Our only "group shot" together. Cause we were all too full and tired.

I love buffets. I love birthdays because they mean buffets. I love oysters. I love food.
Happy birthday mum!

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