Chocolate Chip Cookies

My life is almost pathetic now, so in order to cheer myself up and make the world seem more meaningful, I decided to spend my sunday STUDY-FREE.

The story of the creation of these chocolate chip cookies:

A long long time ago, a girl set out to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. She wanted a recipe that would make the cookies seem like pringles. Once you start, you can't stop.

So she went poring through mountains of books, some from the National Library, some from the library near her home and some from her very own recipe book. She even went into major bookstores like MPH and Borders and snapped pictures illegally of the recipes in books she knew she could never afford to buy.

None really worked out well. But she persisted, knowing that someday, she'll find the recipe she was destined for. So she went on to the Internet. And that was when she gained a valuable lesson. The internet is filled with JUNK. Recipes that you could tell at first glance that it'll never work out had five star ratings. Chocolate chip cookies recipes were so abundant, it was like a matchmaking agency.

She knew she couldn't continue searching aimlessly anymore. So, heartlessly and without a single tear, she threw away all the newspaper cuttings, photocopied pages from books and printed out recipes, all of which promised nothing but empty hopes.

Then, she found a highly reliable source and a person to whom she will be eternally grateful to for showing her the ropes to baking. This recipe didn't just come from any dusty old grandma's book. It came from a hotel. And everytime she bakes this, she would tweak the ingredients a bit, just so it would taste different every single time.

I like to think I found my destiny.
*If you are inspired by my touching story, and wish to give these cookies a chance, just request for the recipe and I'll mail it to you.


Shelly said...

LOVE chocolate chip cookies! A great way to spend your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I love Chocolate Chips Cookies.
Can you email me your recipe please? I would love to try it.
Thank you!

warrenkok at hotmail dot com

yukie_2000_sg said...

I love to make Chocolate Chips cookie for my hubby, parents and in-laws during CNY.

Appreciate you could email me the reciepes.

I am impressed that you are so young and yet you have the heart to learn how to cook and bake. And do lots of research and experienced it many times...

Good Job and Keep it up! ^v^