Chocolate Chip Cookies 2

Just a farewell gift to mark the end of my internship! While I did meet some wonderful people, had some fun, and gained valuable experiences, I must say that Im SO GLAD IT'S OVER!! Guess I wouldn't elaborate on it, except that working is really a whole different life and for those still studying, enjoy it while it lasts. You don't know what you lose, till you lose it.

Tried to do some ginger cookies with the same cookie dough, but I probably didn't do my estimation well. Only thing I realised: I absolutely dislike ginger cookies. :/

But I was just thinking, due to strong faith and confidence in my cookie recipe, that perhaps I can create variations/flavours and in the future when I open my own shop, I can specialise on cookies. At least have it as a signature product. Ah, when we're young, we dare to dream.

I'll fly to Paris before I turn 30.


Anonymous said...

hello fiona! do you intend to pursue a baking degree? you totally should(:

Anonymous said...

fiona! bake more bake more always can't wait to see your new posts haha