Orange chiffon cake

Job well done! Chiffon cake took me so long to learn how to make. Simply because if you can't get the technique of folding right, say goodbye to the beautiful spongelike springy texture. The smell of the orange, especially when it is in the oven, is literally breathtaking...

The story behind the chiffon cake is one of friendship and a hell lot of perseverance. In short, I promised my friend I'll bake her a pandan chiffon cake, because it was one of the few food that she eats, on the rare times that she does eat. So I tried a grand total of 5 times, before finally succeeding into a reasonably acceptable one. All in one sitting.
That is how I can now make a decent tasty chiffon cake 2 years on. As Thomas Edison puts it,
"I've not failed, I've succeeded in finding out 100 different ways in which it will not work."
something very exciting might be happening. i might be given a chance to bake for the old folks at the SWAMI home. if that does happen, i think i finally found a purpose. it would make me veryveryvery happy...


wilfred said...

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Your blog is an inspiration for the common cook and even for a person like me who cooks professionally. i certainly hope that the world of food will continue to inspire and teach you many things. A truly inspirational blog. You can find me at my email address.Hope to talk to you personally soon.

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