Fried Beehoon

I had a sudden urge to do this and the first attempt screwed up really bad. Which made the success of the second attempt so much sweeter!

I just dumped in chye xin, fishball, carrot(shredded), clams and fried omellete (cooked separately). This dish looks simple, but before adding in the beehoon, the right amount of water must be present in the wok. I didn't get that as well as I could, so my beehoon turned out a little too dry. But I would take dry over wet anytime, as my first attempt went. Mum said "long" ingredients should be used, to go with noodles and if rice, then ingredients that can be spooned should be used. Makes sense.

Finally, some canned meat would add a whole load of taste to fried beehoon. But I've decided to give up meat altogether now, so yes, fiona is now a pescetarian, i.e. pesco-vegetarian.

I wish the headaches would stop, does anyone know how to make them stop? It's been ongoing for about a week, I'm almost going insane. Even frying beehoon is not helping!

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