The Journey

I miss baking SO MUCH. Usually in such baking droughts, I'll source for potential recipes online and start gearing up for another baking session. But with the upcoming season, SATs, and general hardcore studying, I cannot afford the time. I cannot afford the energy.

So let me take all you dear readers through my journey, before fionainthekitchen came to be of existance. Maybe at the end, I'll feel better.

Presenting my very FIRST cake! It looks rather unappetising, but hey, it tasted good... I think?

Then 2 years later, this crazy thought came to my mind. It was insane and do let me explain my case.
  1. My brother whom I love dearly was turning 21. A special age to turn.

  2. I wanted to give him something to remember, a very personalised cake.

  3. Problem 1: He didn't like cakes. He loved brownies, malteses, Julie's waffle biscuits.

  4. I planned for 2 months, and decided to do a vanilla ice cream brownie chocolate cake. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between brownie and chocolate cake.

  5. Problem 2: I forgot I didn't live in a refrigerator.

  6. Problem 3: He was having a party with 30 odd guests, and they're hungry 21 year olds.

  7. 2 days, and the most challenging cake of my life was done, but I've never attempted an icecream cake ever since.

  8. Guess what, everyone said it tasted awesome. Makes my heart SWELL.
Banana Chocolate Cake for my primary school friends for when they were about to take their Olevels. Just so that the 4-leafed clover could wish them luck! See picture above on banner.
It could've been better, so I shall attempt it again. But I do love this cake, because the clover looked really pretty and took unbelievably long to do.

For the final showcase, this was for my Sec 4 class chalet. Just to mark the end of my role as 404'08 class chairman. Rum and Raisin Kitkat Chocolate cake. I can't remember the layerings clearly, but the bottom layer was crushed kitkat. Quite a bad idea, the kitkat layer did not adhere well to the layer of cake. But it still tasted great nonetheless. I got an order for this cake from my classmate even!

Of course, there's still a whole stash of random baked goods. And a whole load more I'll continue to make. But now, it's gotta wait.
I really miss baking. I wish sleep wasn't a necessity, then I'll bake those sleepless nights away.

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