Durian Cake Bakesale COMPLETED

Here's to another successful completion of the Durian Cake sales! This time round was much easier and the time taken also went down by a little. I've got better packaging, but silly me forgot to get plastic ones for the medium size cakes and had to resort to using paper boxes again which will absorb all the butter making the whole box oily and greasy. SIGH.

In any case, thanks for all the support friends! And for those who ordered again, thank you very very much!

JiaJie, Jodee, Candice, Simin, Cheryl, Ivan, Mingzhe, Ching Sien, Amos - Hope yall enjoy the cake!

And this marks the end of the durian season. Byebye King of fruits.

Just a corny line:
If you were a durian, I'd want to be a mangosteen so that we'll make the perfect pair.

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