Sakura buffet (Clementi branch)

Another buffet! Gosh, what am I turning into, a fat fat fat pig. So our long awaited Sakura buffet finally happened with MR1. It's so fun to hang out with them again, they are one of the best things that RJC has given me.

This is apparently the best Sakura branch around and there are 2 levels of food, so that's a plus. The ambience is great, just remember to make reservations or else you'll have to eat without aircon and sweat all the way.

Here's the group shot where Mingzhe was missing cause he was paying first. It's such an efficient system I think to make people pay before eating. Buffets should do that more.

We played some forfeit game after food and the disgusting food includes:

Raw prawns = Giant lice, cause they come from the same family
Raw sotong = Solidified saliva
Colourful thingy = Plastic
Disgusting mochi
Durian (it baffles me why durian is considered a forfeit)

And Siyuan eats durian for the first time in 5 durian-less years while Shannon wolfs down beef-lamb-chicken-fish meat.

Let's just look at what turned to crap in our stomachs:

Bamboo clams are nice and so special. Anyone who goes there should try it.

Such a fun bunch of people.

Quotable quotes:
"When you burp, you can still smell the durian. Damn sick." - Sentiments of siyuan and shannon after eating durian.
"Let me smell the durian so that I can puke." - A very full Amos
"Sungming! ..... Dory! .... Sungming!.... Dory! Dory!" - Amos
"Do you know that prawns come from the same family as lice, they are crustaceans." - Smart Siyuan
" Fiona: I want to eat insects someday.
Mingzhe: Ya, me too. But I something with more meat, cause insects are too dry.
Fiona: Like worms right, or maggots.
Amos: There! -points to raw prawns- Isn't that a giant worm already? "
"Beef chop, lamb chop, chicken chop" - Shannon's response to what he ordered
"When I came in, my skirt was hooked at the 3rd hook, then it became second. Now cannot even hook the first one." - Gladys
"Whose plate of grass is that?" - Cheryl

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