Kueh Bahulu

One thing I learnt about this experience - I am more of a perfectionist than I think I am.

It started off so fine. Delicious, spongy and absolutely a joy to make.

Then suddenly, as if I don't deserve to have everything going right for me today, it started to stick to the mould. And I tried so very very hard to remove it, so much that my fingers are now red and sore from the heat.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows sometimes. It feels like someone brought me up to cloud nine, and then just before I could take it all in, gave me a push down. And it hurts so bad to get your hopes dashed.

I just want to know what went wrong. It's so frustrating to see hours of effort gone down the drain. And times like this makes me want to give it all up.

But on a positive note, I just found out that my green tea checkered cake which I didn't think was good at all, brought much joy to the receiver. And I shiver to think of all the smiles that would be lost should I abandon the one thing that makes me feel alive.

So I'll keep going, for all those who believe in me and for all those whom I want to see smile.

And a big thank you to everyone who took precious time off to read fionainthekitchen!

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