The feedback's in for my project:
"...the kids love the cup cakes as colouful n cute. Ate all. Cookies was nice too."

That was like feeling the rain in a hot and humid afternoon. A surge of joy. I find the 2 words "Ate all." extremely comforting, because I hate to throw food away, especially food that I make.

Huge thank you to all who congratulated me or told me a good job was done. It makes my day each time.

For every grain of rice you leave uneaten, a child in Africa dies. HAHA, remember that people.

Anyway this blog is going to be empty for a while as every JC student gears up for the upcoming exams. Common Tests end by 2 July, but I have my piano exam on 10 July. I pray that my arm/ wrist / fingers do not injure during training. If I pass, WE GO TO SHANGRI-LA BUFFET.

I still want to learn how to cook Hokkien Mee from my aunt, and cook it for my babysitter whom I have yet to visit. It's weighing on my mind.

Lastly, my mum subscribed to Asian Food Channel. So now I can watch recipes. Awesome.

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