Orange Mousse Cake

Sometimes... people say things they don't think make an impact. But they actually do. Orange mousse cake was not my idea, though I wondered why I have not thought of it.

It looks really pretty naked but I just wanted to fluff it up a little! Add some personality and dimensions to the cake. Aye... but there's that bitter tinge to it, probably due to the membrane of the orange. Maybe using only the pulp will help. See how, but for now, TADAA~~

Small cakes are so pretty and they leave so much room for creativity. Each one of them can be different despite the identical make up. I feel a bit weird when I think of cakes as living things. Especially when I tell my mum that mousse cakes can sometimes throw tempers :|

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Jo said...

Hi Fiona,

I'm really interested in getting a Sakae scholarship too! Can you give me some tips on how you got it and how you are doing now as a scholar(your courses, opportunities, etc)?

btw, that cake looks reeally good!(: