Christmas workshop

Christmas is here again and before the start of my annual christmas baking, I was lucky enough to have a chance to go for a complimentary POSH workshop conducted in orchard central. Courtesy of kenwood!

So they made this really cute white and dark chocolate mousse cake which I felt tasted like ice cream on brownies. I had a fruitful chat with the lady next to me and when we shared ideas, we came to the conclusion that the mousse can be used as ice cream and the cake replaced with brownies. That would make it more versatile and tasty.

The other recipe taught was a traditional log cake which I personally find... could have been better. The cake was hard, and sponge cake should be soft! Furthermore, the buttercream was thick and looked like it'll go straight to your legs, such that the new pair of jeans you bought specially for christmas would no longer fit. Also, the rolling of the sponge wasn't well done. Possibly cause the sponge was so hard. So there wasn't a nice log shape.

Ah so much to complain. But again, I did learn some things, and also realised that many things i picked up on the way unknowingly. That made me a little proud of myself. Whatever the case, the cakes do look pretty and cute, but looks aren't everything. I expect my cakes to be good on the inside and outside, before and after!

Sadly, due to my very strong pride, I was a little upset at the start. As I was queuing for registration, I told the person that I registered under my own name and the name on the complimentary letter was my mum's. The 2 ladies next to me then said quite loudly:
"Oh, she's just replacing her mum."
Yea, I know I'm the youngest there (a fact that never fails to intimidate me whichever baking class I go to). But that doesn't mean I can't bake as well as the rest. I didn't know that Age was an essential ingredient next to flour/sugar/butter. I would like to think I can hold a very decent baking conversation and bake a very decent cake.

Whatever the case, the nice lady next to me taught me some little tricks. And I learnt how to tell if my sugar syrup is in "softball" stage, one very crucial step. Tiramisu log cake was also a new input I got today from my friendly neighbour.

I have 4 log cakes to settle now. With my own created recipes, we shall see how things go. Excitement and nerves are the same feelings and hence I'll take whatever is stirring inside to be excitement!

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