I haven't done this for a while, and it's really sweet...

Nope, not the cake, just my friend's efforts in baking a cake for her boyfriend's birthday.

She said, "I have no talent in baking..." My dear, as long as it's from the heart, you don't need any talent.

Perhaps after an eventful journey to school, the cocoa powder got wet and the cheese melted. But still, I'm sure it's the best cake Gen's ever tasted.

I used the excess and made small little tiramisu cups, so that I could try what it tasted like! It's a different recipe from my previous one and I used a sponge cake instead of sponge fingers. In any case, it tasted GOOD! So I'm really glad for that. And tiramisu must be refrigerated, once it's out of the fridge, the taste, texture and appearance will see an exponential fall.

A guy said this to me when I said I had to rush home to bake because my friend's boyfriend was having his birthday, "Just go and buy... In the end guys just eat everything. Don't waste your efforts."
True, maybe it really doesn't matter to them. But I just wanted to see my friend smile.

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