Teresa's 18th Birthday Surprise Party

There's a quote from Inception - "What's the most resilient parasite? An Idea."

I got some ideas from researching for my natday cake sometime back and these ideas never did leave my head. So because I was going to plan a birthday party, I thought of trying these new ideas out. One involved the creation of a pattern as below, which is essentially just one long squiggly line. I have a lot to work on my horrible piping skills!

Then I thought I could merge Croquembouche with a cake. But I didn't have enough time to make enough choux pastry and I also couldn't use caramel due to lack of time and skills. So it was ganache and chocolate mousse choux puffs. Which tasted so awesome, I think I've found the best chocolate mousse recipe EVER.

Ah but I'm so disappointed in my cake, it really wasn't up to standard. I think I need a break, exhuastion does show in my cakes. But the day turned out so unexpected, as we screwed up our sushi rice and I ended up cooking sushi rice on the stove, which turned out great. Then there were leftover rice so I ended up cooking fried rice for Olivia's family. My fried rice skills just upped level, even though my arm muscles are really aching now.

But whatever the case, I had an amazing national day night with these wonderful people. The birthday surprise worked really well! I'm so proud of everyone. I'm so glad to see those smiles, it makes all the fatigue go away and I know my dear sasa will remember how she turned 18, albeit earlier than the supposed date. It's like a dysfunctional family which I'm so lucky to be a part of.

I guess it has to do with trying to do too many things in too short a time, but I'm really so tired now. Maybe it's time to retreat back into my hidey hole, after all the excitement of past weeks. After all, I'm the type to disappear right after the song!

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