Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

I did it, the 3 kg chocolate cake for Ying Quan's birthday party! He's really quite an awesome guy, and by inviting me to bake his 21st birthday cake really means a lot to me. It took me a whole night and half a day, but it was worth every moment of it.

Almost 70 slices and a whole bunch of happy people enjoying the cake. I can't describe how I felt when they came up and said the cake was awesome. Some moments that really melted my heart were: 1) When a guy came up and asked if I was going to open up a shop, because he felt that I would succeed.2) When another guy told me I'll put awfully chocolate out of business.3) When the few came up to ask for second helpings.4) All the random comments such as: I wish I could have this cake for my birthday every year.5) Everyone who came up to me and told me it was good.Realised that all I needed was just someone to understand how this meant so much to me. To remind myself to have a little more faith that I can take on such projects and accomplish it. It's another milestone and another learning journey for myself.For the next attempt, I'm going to get the crispy thing right. Cause now it's "the chewy chewy thing"...You know what, right now, I'm so damn happy :)

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limei said...

and im so happy for you too <3 you babe :)
have faith and keep going, never second-guess yourself k!:)