National Day Cake - B.I.Y. Competition

It's been a crazy load of fun doing this cake, and I just cannot believe I did it. Even though now, after looking at all the entries that are simply outofthiscrazyandinsaneworld, I am still proud of my cake. Honestly, I entered this competition with not much expectations of winning anything, because I knew that I was pitting myself against artists with years of experience and people who have taken cake decorating classes for perhaps years. And me? I'm just an 18 year old girl studying for her exams and armed with 3 very heavy library books who attempts to teach her how to decorate a cake like a professional. Plus there's the world cup!

But whatever the case, I really learnt a lot from this, immensely. Not just about cake decorating, not just realising that this is a path I would like to continue, but also about how lucky I am to have people who give me their support just because they believe in me.

It has not been a bed of roses making this cake, in fact, I faced so much difficulties seeing it through. But you know what, it's worth every drop of sweat, every frown, every minute of lost sleep. I made the most amazing cake I've ever made so far, and now I realised that I am going to make even more amazing cakes in future.

My mum said she really admires my courage and my perserverance, for so many a times she told me to just give it up. But I hung on, because I made this cake for everyone who believed in me more than I believe in myself. This cake is for you.

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

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