Chocolate Marshmallow Cake 3

What better way to make the end of the common tests with a cake? So, Jeremy comes over to make a cake at 830pm on saturday, and then left finally at 1230am. Hope his friend will be touched and hope it turned out well.
I had to redo the sponge cake because I undermixed the mixture. Guess Im getting a little rusty. =/ Ran out of butter and had to use corn oil instead. Didn't like the taste though. In any case, we had much fun after that and fun includes:
Fried Calamari Rings for supper.
Roasting marshmellows over the stove. (What else to do with the leftover marshmellows?)
And cleaning up our MESS.
At the end, an extra 12 bucks added to my wallet.
Fun is primary, Taste is secondary, Money is tertiary. But somehow, without money, there wouldnt be taste and there wouldn't be fun. So how?

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