David Archuleta's autograph session

Radin Mas Primary School Motto is: "Work hard, Play hard, Make a Mark" And I am proud to proclaim that Radinmasians are a proud ambassador of that phrase. It is a phrase that not only shaped us, but also united us.
David Archuleta's autograph session at Iluma shopping centre, just next to Bugis Street. People everywhere!

The man in question.

The man waving at us. We gathered up troops and screamed out his name so shatteringly loud that he just couldn't ignore us. And we had a spy implanted someplace just to capture the moment. Just for the fun of it.
His horrible handwriting he calls his autograph. Attained by Cheryl Lie who so faithfully queued for 4-5 hours. Which I can completely understand, because I would too just to hear him sing.

After we left, we went back just to camwhore.

I love how our uniforms look so different, but yet we all still fit together.

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